Life Lessons You Learn In The Real World, Not In School

When you’re in school, everything feels super important. Many people worked toward a degree, and every effort in school was designed to get you out into the “real” world so you could finally become successful, happy and financially free.

But after graduating and entering the working world, people often see that things aren’t always what they seem.

Most people, especially when they’re in school, cheat on their present with our future. This means that they focus so much on the future and getting “there” that they miss out on the present and fully being “here.” Even though college is often an enjoyable experience, it’s the end goal that serves as motivation.

Go back and visit your recently graduated self. What message would you have? Maybe you would have words of wisdom for your younger self. Perhaps you might remind yourself any of these life lessons you learn after you graduate.

To put things into a little perspective, I wish my younger self knew that some things didn’t matter as much as others. Sometimes the best way make the most of life is to reflect and pause in the life lessons learned so far.

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